"I'm Fine"

I am in a river of sorrow

I am doubting to see tomorrow.

Time is flying by

I look up at the sky.

Why is it purple?

Now I look down at my feet

I'm in a meadow.


I feel my head pounding

my heart is racing.

My Blood is flowing

I feel alive.


I think about the bad times,

good times, and times I thought I had forgotten.

i feel grass tickling my feet, as I smell fresh morning air.

I see flowers bloom around me, and I hear the wind past me by.


I lay in the grass, and let myself get sleepy.

Now, I'm in quicksand, and I don't know how.

I am trying to get out, but there is no way out.

This "quicksand" represents my problems.

No matter how much I try to escape my problems,

they still seem to drown me.


My "friends" watch me sink,

why aren't they helping me?

I can't breath, why aren't they helping me?

Friends are suppose to help you, right?


I close my eyes as I feel myself slowly being to suffocate.

I open my eyes and I'm now in my room,

shaking from the explosion of images that just ran through my mind.


My 'friend' takes the object from between my two fingers and smiles,

"You okay?"

"I'm Fine."



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