I'm Fat

I'm Fat 

 I'm  still always smiling 

I'm Fat 

I still have a great  personality 

I'm Fat 

I still dress girly 

I'm fat 

but that doesn't define me 

I am sweet as honey 

Funny as a comedian 

Caring  like a mother 


I have ideas that  will make this  world go far 

Beautiful is   an abbreviation of who I am:

Brave in audiences  

Encourages  people to believe in themselves 

Always smiling because my life is  worth me trying 

Understanding  that  I love me Flaws and all 

The truth  can hurt ,but I don't let it hold me back 


Friends are all I need 

Under the Media ,we are all the same 

Love everyone because they might be in pain to 

I'm fat

but I 'm more than what meets the eye 

 Beauty is not what you look like 

But what you are 

I'm beautiful and  my flaws 

are flawless  to me 


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