I'm Drowning


United States
34° 34' 44.6916" N, 118° 5' 18.3156" W

I'm drowning in the sea

All my worries flood over me

It's all over now

I never wanted to drown

I'm sinking

And I'm on my knees

I'm thinking

And I can't breathe

If only I knew

I was sitting in the shallow end

All along

And I can't pretend

There is nothing wrong

I thought I had to save myself

But someone finally offered help

And told me I just had to stand

So I took their hand

Now I know

It's okay

I'm letting go

Leaving the doubts behind

I'm standing up

I won't hold my breath this time

I'm breaking through

Pushing out of the water

I'm trying something new

Can't take this any longer

I've learned to swim beneath the waves

And when the day's over

To take a breath

And that's okay

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