I'm Done.

Sun, 05/15/2016 - 20:59 -- Javax

You say you love me,

And you say you care,

But how can I believe you

When you're never there?


I never see you anymore;

You're never at any of my events.

You're supposed to care about me!

This doesn't make any sense!


I haven't seen you at a choir concert

In about five years.

Every one of those wonderful nights

Always ends in tears.



You've missed my birthday party

Two years in a row.

I never knew my own parents

Could be so cold.


I request your company

On a weekly basis.

You always accept gladly

But I know my words are wasted.


Something always comes up.

I thought I was important enough.

Your actions don't justify your words,

So I've finally given up.


My heart hurts so much.

I can't take this anymore.

I'm tired of always ending up

Crying on the bathroom floor.


I'm tired of the hallow promises,

And I'm tired of the empty words.

Don't you realize that this treatment

Is not what I deserve?


So I'm done.


I'm done with the promises.

I'm done with the lies.

I'm done with the apologies.

I'm done with the teary eyes.


I don't hate you, no,

I still love you,

But I'm done with all of this.

Your apologies are overdue.


So if you need me,

Don't come looking for me,

Because I'll be long gone

Lving my life,

      Without you,


This poem is about: 
My family


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