I'm Done.

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 01:08 -- Grey

It hurts like the sting of ice and cold.
It hurts cause I know that's what's like your soul.
It hurts because you forced me to believe the words you say.
It hurts to think how can I manage another day.

I cry because everybody points at me and laughs.
I cry because in everything I am chosen last.
I cry because the words dig at me at night.
I cry because you make believe my life is no were near right.

I smile because I don't want you to think it affects me.
I smile because it's something you can't take away from me.
I smile because it is always mine.
I smile because if not, you limit my time.

I coward like a lamb from a wolf.
I coward like I have something to be afraid of.
I coward because you are who Im afraid of.
I coward because it's all I know.

I harm because at least I feel something.
I harm because people see me more then nothing.
I harm because it's all I know.
I harm because it's hard to show.

You bully to give you satisfaction?
You bully to create a chain of reaction?
You bully because you're so "cool"?
You bully because you can in school?

I'm done because you're not worth it.
I'm done because I cant take it.
I'm done because life isn't fun.
I'm done, only because of all you've done.

(I know everyone has felt like this to some extent. Maybe no full blast. But the pain bullies force at us sure does last.)

Poetry Slam: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

hey listen

no one have the right to be bully

you are brave to express yourself

bullying is an issue that needs to be taken serious

i been there-you stand up and never let anyone compromise who you are

know that power poetry is a community to help poets/mentees

great job with poem and keep writing



That meant the world to me. Thank you.

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