I'm Different


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If I can be truthful,
I was saying I put on for Christ without knowing what it means to put on for Him.
Dimming my light more than having it shine bright for him.
See I thought I was good cause I sung a few songs for Him,
And my definition of being missional was ministering in a few church programs.
Yeah I'd sing about Him,
But when the mics were off I wouldn't say a thing about Him.
Thinking my actions alone would lead others to assume I live for Him,
But how can one tell between an atheist who does good deeds, and me,
If I'm not using my words to relay the good news for Him?
Abandoning responsibility for comfortabilty,
See, I was a lazy Christian.

Allowing complacency to squeeze the life out of my purpose.
Even to the point where I'd purposely let others perish around me because I'm too nervous.
Better yet,
Too selfish.
To tell others about how good the God I serve is,
To attest to what the gospel message did,
How its changed my heart, my life, and because I accepted it,
God sealed an insignificant me with a significantly Holy Spirit;
Now there's no condemnation cause I'm in Christ Jesus.
And the patterns of this world no longer pleases me,
Cause through His death He cleaned me, then He,
Overcame death and freed me,
Now He sits at the right hand and pleads for me,
What was I so ashamed of?
Why did I deprive others of the good news that saved a sick sinner like me?
Cause if it changed me it could change them.
Having them turning away from sin to gain this freedom in which I cherish,
No longer bond by Law.

See I said I was saved,
But that standard I was upholding wasn't Christ;
Thinking life is simply about wrong and right,
Well I was wrong...
Christ is the way, the truth and the life,
Yet I crossed out what the cross did because of my own way,
My own truth.
Placing my life over His yet I proclaimed to be a follower of Christ,
See I was an ignorant Christian.

But when I picked up the book of infallible Scripture,
And I scrolled through the gospel of those four misters:
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John,
I really came to know Jesus for myself.
And after reading Romans 9,
Nothing became more clear that God is sovereign.
God is gracious.
And I am a product of that sovereign grace.
And not only should I call God my Savior and my Redeemer,
But I shall call Him Master.
And I am his doulos:
A bondservant to the will, word and way of God.

And ironically,
I've never felt so free.
Taking off those chains and taking up that cross man,
I'm all in.
Conviction weighing too heavy now,
lost sinners are plenty;
How many dying souls will it take till I get to the center of my purpose?
To intentionally share that intended death for the intent of saving His evil intention filled children.
To preach the gospel.
Because my faith is not simply for my own preservation,
But that I may persevere in it to make Christ known.
Because there's one thing I know for sure now.
I can no longer SIT DOWN on a God who HUNG HIGH for me.

Because I'm different.
And I gotta preach what I practice man cause I'm Christian.
Putting on for the King, yeah...
The Great Commission.



This poem was written on a conviction I had about being a true follower of Christ. The bible tells us to take up our cross daily, making disciples of Jesus; something that I do not always do. I hope it helps other follwers to become more intentional about sharing the gospel and truly living for Christ.

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