I'm a credit card in a wallet: different perspectives


I'm a credit card in a wallet

Give me my own pocket.

Buy something worth a lot of money.

But dont fart its not funny.

Dont swipe me too many times

It hurts so be really kind.

Get more credit cards so I can have friends

Dont hold me too hard or my back will bend.

If that ever happens I will be grumpy

So buy a new wallet so I can be comfy.

Dont swipe me too hard,

Im just a card.

When I run out of money don't cut me up

Because maybe someday I will have good luck.

Don't use me to try to unlock doors

It hurts, I can't take it anymore.

Don't leave me alone

I feel so alone.

Don't put me in your mouth

I know whats been about.

Im a credit card in a wallet.



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