I'm Black And I'm Proud!


I'm black and I'm proud",

Why can't I say it out loud?

Is it because I am supposed to be ashamed,

Am I societies lion yet to be tamed?

Is it because I'm supposed to fade to the back,

Mix in with the crowd and blend in with a sea of black.

Is it because "the struggle" was supposed to break me,

Oh please sweetheart the struggle, it made me.

Because my ancestors were beaten and raped.

And that history was wrapped around me but yet I escaped.

Escaped all the pain, the hurt, the inhumanity,

All these stereotypes are driving me to the brink of insanity.

Let's not forget that my people are no longer slaves,

But the inequality repeatedly crushes us under it's waves.

Because they were taken from their homes and stripped of their pride,

The unspoken truth that I'm supposed to hide.

Because I'm supposed to be poor with three kids,

Man, all these typical black rumors are just jars without lids.

But I won't let this world bring me down,

Smack me, beat me, bruise me, 'cause I am brown.

No I'm gonna stand up and say out loud,

"Yes honey I'm here, I'm black and I'm proud!"


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