I'm Alone

I'm on a silent street
Oh, this lonely road beneath my feet.
For miles I've walked, where does it go?
No one to guide me or show me how,
to keep moving on without falling down.
I constantly seem to fall and scrape my knees.
I bandage myself up, though it seems that I continue to bleed.
Bruises show on my skin.
And my scars never seem to fade, just lighten in shade
and show all over my darkened body.
I've walked so long, holes go straight through the soles of my shoes.
I haven't met very many people on this road,
but those I have are always unhappy.
I pass them by, seeing their mouths open and hungry.
So I give them all a piece of me.
I watch their shadows fade behind me, 
eyes full of greed and envy.
Then I look away only towards my loneliness. 
I wear a smile but I never sleep,
so I'm tired, hungry, and weary.
Every piece I give away and pull off my body,
leaves me aching along with anxiety.
I give away all that I have.
To try my best and rise up to the challenge of every test.
And put a smile on at least someone's face.
I give and give but never take.
This leaves me ever so stressed.
When will I ever get a break?
I guess I just have to keep walking.
Until my much needed release, which will come one day, most likely through death.


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