I'm an Addict


University of Rochester
Wilson Blvd Rochester, New York
United States
34° 9' 43.4952" N, 80° 58' 27.2136" W

Hi, my name is...and I’m an Addict.


An Addict of Love.

An Addict of Happiness.

An Addict of Attention.

An Addict of Adrenaline.


My Addiction has the firmest grip on me.

Yet, gentle.





It takes me to places I would never have imagined.

The Paradise of Bliss.

The Land of Comfort.

The Center of the Universe.

The Edge of the World.


I pursue my addiction.

With Devotion.





For my Addiction has the potential to unlock

The Secrets of the Universe.

The Tombs of Knowledge.

The Gates of Immortality.

The Sky of Adventure.


It fascinates me with treats on a regular basis that are






Why do you treat me so well?

Why do you nurture me?

What have I done in return?

Can I even call you an addiction?


Because I need you.

Because you make me a reality.

You follow me and believe.

I can be named whatever you love.


My addiction is my own to cultivate as it guides me.

Back to my home.

Sleeping in meadows.

Walking on clouds.

Encouraging others to find their Addictions.

...Hi, my name is Ibrahim and I’m a Man made of Dreams and Desires.


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