I'm suicidal,

I want to die.

When I jump off the cliff

I don't want to fly.


Don't tell me I'm selfish

Because that's not true.

I'm doing this

For you.


And it doesn't help to get mad at me,

Why is that so hard to see?

I'm down, I'm depressed, I'm in pain, I'm in hell,

And I just want to get away from myself.

Because I hate myself

Everything that I am,

I hate how much

Love is a sham.


Because nobody cares,

Least of all me.

But I'm stuck in this box

And I want to be free.


I hate the box

That you put me in.

You've trapped in here

With all of my sins.


Well I want out now,

Please let me go.

I beg and I plead

But you always say no.


So here's what I've got,

My Final Solution,

To kill myself

Is my resolution.


Don't tell me not to

Because you brought me here.

I'm only at this point

Because I let you steer!






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