Mon, 06/06/2016 - 15:02 -- Ezhara

leave me be

let me see for myself the cruelty 

i know you supposedly didn't mean to hurt me

so why am i sitting here with my heart bleeding and these tears streaming

let down and left down i lay praying

wishing, hoping and praying 

driving me crazy

I'd kill for u

lie and steal for u 

go hungry just to feed u 

bleed for u

breed for u 

beg for u 

leaving me completely thoughtless and satisfied and feeling even more alive

in make believe scenes and in my individual dreams there are significant instances where im sure ur more than what caught my eye

dumbfounded, astounded, blinded

i felt surrounded by you 

i don't know what im trying to do by pursuing this indifferent concealing feeling from you

im sick and im tired and im hungry for you

so much intrusion on my soul 

like a lunatic in a institute for the crazed and deranged 

u make me feel like im going insane 

something in my membrane twitches and causes flinches with an instant that we lock eyes 

and they say don't think about it too much

you'll go nuts

what u should have done and what you should do is and how u would do that only if and when you could and why you should

if and only..



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