Illusion of Perfect

Thu, 12/04/2014 - 14:45 -- @Theta


This person who strives for the highest perfection,

Sadly exists among us as one most broken.

Hiding behind a mask of overcompensation,

Issues of insecurity are quite outspoken.


Yearning for the exactitude of reasoning to reality;

Yearning for truth and complete fulfillment in life.

Confused, yet hiding behind portrayed intelligence.

This person in anguish from the emotional knife.


The cold knife of perceived reality,

The cold knife of perceived tomorrow.

It is but a seemingly minor aspect of life,

Yet it brings this person much sorrow.


This person who is quite outspoken,

This person exists among us as one most broken.


Perfection is the essence this person strives to emit,

Behind every successful ability, status, and captured shot.

Anxiety is the foundation of each action she must admit.

Perfect representations of everything that this person is not.


She makes an effort to be seen as somebody she imagines.

She lies to herself and lives without reality at times.

Making up for what she lacks with perceptions and objects,

Deception because she is not the person she wants to be.


It’s all an illusion intended to transform her being back,

Back to the past before she broke mysteriously overnight.

Back to structure, innocence, and living in the moment,

Back to where everything had its place and I felt alright.





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