Who am I, but a broken heart?

Who's smile hides not my broken start.

My broken past, my broken home. 

The broken father who left me all alone.

Who am I, but the daughter of a strong mother?

Who held her daughter, and took cover. 

A smile hides my insecure truth,

clouded by judgement, destroying my youth.

Innocence stolen, but hope still remains,

Seeing so many carefree, wishing to be the same.

My past binds me, but if I could escape the sorrow,

I could build myself a better tomorrow.

I could smile at strangers and be truly happy,

The smile they see will no longer hide me,

I could love a soul, with no regret,

if I only had the strength to forget.

I could brighten someone else's day,

and sing along when music plays. 

If I could rid myself of sleepless nights,

I'd pray to see him one last time. 

And in this time, there would be no tears,

because I would forgive him, for all those years,

I'd let my love surpass the guilt,

and I'd break down these walls he built.


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