I'll Try to Show You Everyday

I'll Try to Show You Everyday    

                                                                Poem by Brandon Fisher

He used to dream about her, both while awake and asleep

About all the things that they would do once they would finally meet

Although he didn't know her name, her story, nor her face

He knew that only she could fill his ocean-size, love-shaped space

And after years of desperation, she was all he had dreamed and more

He knew that all was worth the wait the instant she burst into his world

They did all of the unimaginable, he'd achieved his envisioned life

And all the memories would increase ten-fold when she told him she'd be his wife

He got down on one knee, looked deep into those innocent brown eyes

He knew he truly loved her, holding back both tears and a smile

Not knowing what the future held, he promised her on that night in May,

"You'll never fully know my love for you but I'll try to show you everyday."

And so their adventure began, the casual observer might call it a fairy-tale

For them they were just two lucky people who would love each other through heaven and hell

Moment after moment, experiencing things they never thought they'd see

Soon it was time for two star-crossed lovers to become a beautiful family of three

As they rushed into the delivery room, he told her it'd be alright

"Before you know it, we'll have a baby girl!" he exclaimed to her on that dark May night.

He held her hand while the doctors worked, through every scream, shout, and grumble

At the end of it all he began to laugh with joy, caressing the new adorable bundle

But soon the laughs and smiles took a turn for the unexpected

He didn't realize it at first glance of the doctor's solemn expression

Sometimes life is like a roller-coaster, goes up to the sky and down past the imagination

But in all of 3 seconds the doctor's 5 words stopped his entire ride.

"There have been some complications."

A single man left alone with a baby, it was as tough as you'd expect

But through all the hurt he'd keep moving on, to live but never forget

Every day when he'd begin to doubt, he'd hold his baby oh so tight

He cared for her and loved her so, she was his precious prize

Before he knew it the adorable bundle began to crawl, then walk, then talk

He taught her to read, finger-paint, and ride her bike on the sidewalk

He walked her to her first day of pre-k, kissed her goodbye at the door

He'd tell her a bedtime story every night, and an extra when she begged for more


The little girl loved her daddy, her knight in shining armor.

And though he missed those old deep brown eyes he could see them in his daughter.

He made she sure that she'd remember one thing, no matter what came her way

"You'll never fully know my love for you but I'll try to show you everyday."

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