I'll Strive to be Better


I'll strive to be Better

By: Carlie Furse


The powder on my mother's nose

I see it’s taces on her clothes

I watch her force it in her skin

the heroine, a drug, a vicious sin


She doesn’t know I see her dying

She thinks it’s hidden, no one spying

If she knew what I’ve been seeing

She might buy a belt, just for beating


At night I cry and bellow quiet

All i wish is that she’d fight it

No one knows or understands

the pain it causes, just by her hands


It’s in her brain, her heart has tore

He is gone, her husband no more

Adultery, cheating, that is why

She never truly said goodbye


One day the pain was way too much

We got the call, “paramedics” and such

“We saved her in time, before she left"

Now a hospital bed is where she's kept


Be thankful for who you hold so tight

My mom was close to death that night

I'll never forget her suicidal brinks

Throwing up pills into random sinks


Now broken pieces are on the floor

We don't know each other anymore

At least she's alive for tomorrow

But I'll never forget the all of the sorrow




I've been blessed to know so much better

To remember her past mistakes forever

So I won't mess up in the same way

I'll strive to be better for now and always..

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