I'll love you as you are

I told my family the other day.

I will present my self in my normal way.

I will not primp my hair or put shadow on my eyes.

Or pick what I wear just for guys.

I told them this, they were surprised.

The look of shock was in their eyes.

But they were happy none the less.

Because I made a choice that I thought was best.

I went on to say, later that day.

I would treat the other in my life the same way.

I don't expect him to change who he happened to be.

If he wanted to get with me.

I did then resent,

that my family would not relent

on mocking me for what I said.

They say that things may change from what first starts in your head.

That I would start with not caring what their shape or size,

then not care about them bathing or if they had crust in their eyes.

That was not what I meant, and they knew that quite well.

I will love them as they are but I want them to respect themselves.

Love knows no color, gender, shape, or size.

So to me you will be perfect in my eyes.


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