I'll Die With A Broken Heart

Life made sense to me when I felt your touch
I thought you'd stay forever in my arms
You brought me short-lived happiness
I didn't know love before you found me
You took me close to a place like heaven

You were sweeter than a woman could be
Darling, you said that your love would save me,
But instead you came to end my life
I’ll die with a broken heart cos you left me
I can’t go on living without the love I had

Every day feels like my last day on earth
A life with prolonged sorrow isn't worth living
I remember you with gratitude and affection
The love I lost weighs heavily on my mind
Darling, I’ll die with a broken heart



You are a sad sad human being....and thats sad...but it makes you a wonderful writer... you write wonderfully...." i remember you with gratitude and affection" just look at that line....❤❤❤❤😿extremely adorable

Marlon Pitter

☺ thank you

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