I'll Be You're Equal


Merced High School
205 W Olive AVE
United States
37° 19' 8.2668" N, 120° 28' 22.404" W

This school is really quite great

But there are things that I'd change

I'd start school more late

Starting at 8:07 is pretty strange


Mr.Humphrey is so cute

Everyday he wears a suit

His accent is to die for

If you had more teachers like him,

I'd come to school more.


The rest is alright

No worries from me

Senior year is pretty hard

But soon a teacher there, I'll be. 


You won't be able to tell me what to do

Because I'll be a coworker to you

But until that time comes

I'll text under my desk

pretending to be

just twidling my thumbs. 






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