I'll be someone someday

I try to please you. I try and try. 
But somehow I don't shine as bright. 
I dull in comparison but you can't see,
my strength to try is fleeting. 
I just keep thinking I'll prove my worth.
To make them see I'm on this earth. 
Maybe if I sit.
Maybe if I stay.
Maybe then they'll let me play. 
Everyone wants to be noticed. 
Everyone wants to be seen. 
Some people get that lucky.
Some people just turn mean. 
But I-I want to be different,
I-I want to be known.
And I don't think that'll happen,
sitting all alone.
I'm so tired of everyday,
hoping you'll look my way.
Maybe then you'd see that I am somebody.
Maybe you'd run after me.
But, for now, I sit quietly and keep my opinion to myself.
One day I'll have a trophy on that shelf.
One day people will see,
she's no better than me. 
Look at all I've done.
Remember all the fun.
Who was there through it all?
Who never let you fall? 


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