ignorance with a push of sin


This is it, 
This is how we change it,
No more containment,
Rearangement of sayings that are putting the world inside a box,
No patience, 
Just face it, 
The minds of humans are just as ugly as we made it,
Critical thinking leaking on the pavement of the mouth of the tasteless,
How pathetic,
Say something and later on regret it,
The line of stupidity,
We wed it,
We give our ancestors the blame but we are the ones that withhold all the credit,
Does the devil take cash or credit,
Simple crimes of wrong doings in the amount of time given,
Bobbing back and forth,
No more realist, 
The real is the burn in a bottomless pit,
Watch as your comments hit the target you now wish you missed,
Emotions mixed,
The lights in the darkness need to be fixed, 
Cloudy vision gets your mouth to splittin things that are race driven, 
Who you kiddin, 
Dead bodies,
Good ridens,
Real life thoughts that are perfected as fiction,
Hawks picking off pigeons, 
National pride of the race they don't realize contain binds to alike minds of an ancient kind,
The number of ethnicities we have is prime,
A fine time to wine and dine,
This wall of hate we generate is to tall for the next generation to climb,
Good morning 
the beast in the heart of many isn't snoring 
The old man is exploring and contorting,
Rain isn't pouring,
This life is black and white with a few that hate against one another,
So annoying,
Wishes need to be made,
Get to blowing,
Cold shoulder,
Winter wind blowing,
Where you going,
Feet red from the blood
white man's burden cheeks glowing,
Verbal gestures get to throwing,
There he goes again about how he wants racial tensions to end,
This is real life,
No pretend, 
This is the beginning of our end,
No sense in living in a world filled with hate,
God welcomes us through the door but the devil lures you through his gate,
New page, 
New age, 
New cage,
New rage, 
What you deliver is an impact that few can take,
Don't break, 
Tensions riding high in the Crystal lake,
Drown your demons and let your Angel awake,
This is our golden age.
Only you can set your stage,
Last to finish first, 
Beautiful skin is being looked at as a curse,
Dieing who you are or living and changing for the ones that hate And discriminate, 
Which is worst,
Let the bridges burn.



Christian Victoria

Loved the rhyme scheme!

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