Ignorance or Apathy


Not everyone learns the same way,

You can't say the same things every single day.

So please, get your facts straight,

Before you start to babble and prate. 


Grades are earned,

Just as material should be taught.

How can we learn

When even grades can be bought?


I shouldn't have to kiss some ass,

Just in order to pass.

What about AP Tests? What about college?

I need to know! I need some knowledge!


Oh wait, you barely have any.

I don't need your two cents, or even a penny!

If you sit on your butt all day,

You can't expect the kids to have nothing to say.


IT IS to your concern,

That we actually have to learn.

You were hired, you get paid,

So do something before we request an upgrade.


We don't want notebook checks, free candy, or even movies!

Get up in front of the class and do your duties.

Tell us what we need to know, not what's on your BS syllabus.

Don't do anything useless or frivolous. 


You're only here for the paycheck, 

Not for your passion.

All you're doing is causing a wreck,

Showing students a life without action.


 Do you really not care?

Or do you just not know?

Us students are planning for a life out there,

Don't be a hindrance; watch us surpass you and grow. 



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