Ignorance to HIS Grace

As I walk across the street 

I see an amazing sight,

The clouds all drenched and soaking

With HIS glorious light.

I stop and gaze in wonder.

I cannot believe my eyes.

Are these the gates of Heaven,

Or some glorious disguise?

This wonder this wonder 

Is too great to not share

But as I look around myself

Do they not even care?

Do they not see the wonder and the glory and the beauty?

Can they not stop a moment to see?

Surely to see this wonderous work of art

Must be their sole duty.

My wonder turns to melancholy

And my awe turns into grey

Why can't they see what God has made for them?

Why, why won't they? 

And so I feel I stand alone 

Beneath this awesome sight.

To be so lonley and yet awestruck

Is certainly such a plight.

Perhaps one day I will be joined.

Perhaps the sadness will fade.

And yet perhaps this graceful scene

Will become a blackened shade.

So come all you who are worn.

Come all who are pained.

I will show you something wonderful.

I will share what HE has paid.  

For but if you glance up at the sky

I promise you will see HIS love

The LOVE that does not die.



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