Ignorance is Bliss


Moreno Valley, CA
United States

Historians agree that our ancestors lived in caves.

Sheltered under a rock, we adapted to walls,

a safety mechanism.

From caves to townhomes, we kept our walls,

built a fourth one,

shaded the windows, 

under lock and key,

security alarms,

forts and strongholds,

we are protected.

Protected from danger: the unknown.

What could this be?

A bear, barbarians, the nazis, or the red nation? 

What is not in our four walls is foreign,



a potential threat to our stronghold.

It is our instinct to baracade ourselves from what we do not know.

It keeps me safe.

It keeps my family safe.

It keeps all that I have the capacity to care for safe!

An unknown man could be a potential lover, or potential rival.

Unknown groups may be a potential ally, or potential enemy.

Screams from outside could be cries of help, or cries of war.

The knocking on my door could be an orphaned child in need of love,

or a deranged man in desperate desire of blood.

No matter of what is potential!

Shield my ears from cries of help!

Shade my eyes from reaching hands!

Cover my nose from the smell of burning flesh and rotting corpses!

Those not in my four walls are not of my awareness.

Away from danger, away from fear.

My four walls protect me and all that I care for.

It is only instinct to think this way:

To think like a caveman.

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My community
My country
Our world
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