Almost every year,
There is at least one assembly
Where everyone in the school
Joins together to receive a message
Of positive change.
A hero stands before us
Fighting the villain
Before our very eyes,
And this villain
Goes by the name of
This villain’s power?
He ignores all the terrible tragedies
Surrounding him,
And unconsciously contributes.
However, the unfortunate truth
Lies within the matter
That this hero is not strong enough
To defeat the villain
On his own,
For we, the audience,
Are his sidekicks.
But shortly after,
The effects wear off,
And we turn on this hero
With the same power
Used by our villain…
And we ignore.
The next week,
We see a kid our age
With a genetic trait
Of being overweight.
This kid eats healthy every day,
And due to the school’s
Physical education system,
He even gets the opportunity
To exercise.
However, the challenge of 
Jogging around the track
Lies not within the lengthy
Trek of the track,
Or the exhaustion that every human
Carries on its back,
But the challenge is to
Ignore the peers next to him
Mocking his name,
Telling him “At the end of the lane,
There’s a Big Mac!”
We see this happening,
What do we do?
We ignore…
Now I am no saint myself,
For I too have been led
Down the path of ignoring
Every sin that I see
Like my soul has been snoring,
Being scared to step out of my shell and say
“Hey, how would you feel
If you were being treated that way?”
But the truth is that 
Ignorance can be stopped.
For generations before us
We’ve seen people break out of the chains
They call slavery
And rise up and above
Until all equality was set straight
For all races in America,
But it doesn’t stop there.
We have a long way to go,
But we can get there,
For there may not be a Big Mac
At the end of the lane,
But there is something there,
And it’s calling our name.
Now the choice is yours.
Will you ignore?


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