ifs and wishes, to you from me

I wish I could read your mind like a book,
So I knew what the pages of your life show;
to see you live with rejoice and overcome woe.
I wish I could hear God speak,
so he could tell me what or future-if any-will one day be.
I could enhance our strengths and deflect our weak.
If eyes could make music
every time I look at you
and you look at me 
would be a timeless, everlasting symphony.
If our love was a renowned play,
I would watch it open to close
and recite each line night through day.
I wish hearts and minds were intertwined magnetically,
so whenever I feel weak
I could pull you closer to comfort me,
even if you were over seas.
I wish lips could tell time
so whenever yours touch mine,
I'd know if this lasted to infinity.
Maybe I desire all too much,
from a boy who doesn't know love from lust.
My condolences, I can't decipher truth from trust.


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