If insecurity is just a fear,
And hate is just a word.
If slander is just a lie,
And pain is just a weakness.
If depression is voluntary,
And popularity just a theory.
If regret is just memories,
And tears are just a reaction.
If personality is only unique,
And beauty an opinion.
If insanity is an illusion,
And perfection overrated.
If children are accident,
And the future just a dream.
If teasing is being friendly,
And isolation is just a state of mind.
If darkness is just a phase,
And drugs just a pill.
If sex is just one night,
And labeling others doesn't hurt.

Then why is the world as dark as it is?
Why are there problems,
That have yet to be solved?

It's because of the sharpness of words,
And underlying meanings.
A deception of reality.

If words were used kindly,
And used for the good they were made for,
Then maybe the words that once hurt would bring a new kinder meaning


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