If you love me-

you'll delete his number,

you won't reply to him anymore,

you'll stop talking to him

find a different lab partner, it better be a girl.


Because I love you- 

you're so lucky I stayed

you embarrassed me so badly today,

you shouldn't have let him hug you,

it looks like I can't control you

but I'll forgive you because I love you


Stop worrying about where I was

I didn't drink so I couldn't make bad decisions.

Why do you even care, 

you were out late too, probably with Ben again

that guy that's just a friend.

I don't believe you, your practice never runs late

stop making excuses.

Who were you with?

Who keeps calling your phone?

Is that him? Let me talk to him I'll let him know you're taken

since you obviously haven't told him that. 


Who just walked past? Why did you smile at him?

If you loved me you would only smile at me.

If you loved me you would reply to my texts right away.

If you loved me you wouldn't make me look bad

in front of my friends.

You wouldn't talk to him, I don't care if it's for class get notes from someone else.


If you loved me -

you would hug me more,

why do you keep pulling away.

Hold my hand when we're in public

those guys are looking at you too long.

She wasn't flirting with me she was just being nice,

don't be so insecure.

You won't even sleep with me. 

Is it because you're sleeping with him?

If you loved me you wouldn't make me worry.


Because I love you-

I'll do anything for you. Why won't

you let me in. 

Open up to me, what are you hiding, why don't you trust me

you're making it hard for me to trust you.

Who's calling you?

Don't lie to me.

You can trust me, babe.

Do you not even love me... because I love you...

if you loved me you would show it. 


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