If The Shoe Fits...

Remember the old lady, who lived in a shoe

Well there's a twist to this story no one ever knew

She was once very rich,so sweet, so kind

Her and her husband together 

He told her "I'm so happy I made you mine!"

But he began to grow unhappy and decided to leave 

He took all the money, barely left anything

She grew unhappy, very bitter, very mean

She gathered all the money she had and packed all of her things

She moved into a cottage shaped like a shoe

She adopted many children

To help fill the love she once knew

The kids drove her crazy

She didn't know what to do

She fed them broth without bread

It was the best she could do

When it was time for bed

She whipped the all until they didn't make a peep

she woke up suddenly, saw her husband

It was only a bad dream


This poem is about: 
My family


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