If only I could freeze time

Sat, 12/12/2020 - 06:15 -- Zk123

If only I could freeze time

Be finally able to get priorities in line

Value every second 

Before the day in which deeds are reckoned 

I’d spend every day with my family 

As exams are leading me to insanity.


I want to go far 

Maybe even pass my driving, get a car 

Each day is the same 

More and more work it’s ever so lame

It’s all such a struggle 

And then comes another issue to juggle

How does one cope,

When there future is in fact only smoke.


Where did the fire start 

When did I agree to be a racing cart 

I didn’t sign up for this 

If I read the T&C I’d have given it a miss


Oh how I long for only an hour

To just relax and forget, take a shower.  

When will that day come

The day I’ll forget my worries just hug my mum.


Life itself is a bottomless pit  

And it seems I just don’t fit.

An endless cycle as it seems,

My only escape is in my dreams,

Oh if only I could freeze time 

Have a chance to breathe, take in what’s mine.


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