If Only

If only I could see your face one more time, I swear I'd think this world was mine.

If only you could look at me with big brown eyes and smile at me.

If only I could grab your hand holding it so tight feeling your strong hands, hairy

knuckles, and my little hands in your palm oh my what a sight.

If only I could hug you smelling you cologne swimming in my nose as you hold 

me close. 

If only you could grab me planting kisses all over my face making me laugh.

If only I could give you kisses back, feeling your scratchy hair tickle my cheek.

If only you could sit me on your lap so I can see the whole world and then you 

pick me up giving me a little twirl.

If only you could look at me with a big ol' smile feeling like you have all the riches 

of the world, since nothing in this universe not even a pot of gold would make you 

trade for the little angel standing right in front of you, sold.

If only I could lie down on your chest when I can't go to sleep.

If only you could drive me to school embarrassing me to no day's end and I turn 

to you with a big ol' scowl, while all you do is give me a big ol' grin.

If only you could look at me like you use to while I pay no mind since I was in

my own little world.

If only the world knew how much I needed you.

If only I begged God to keep you a little longer, would've that helped?

If only you weren't an alcoholic, could've I have saved you?

If only if you weren't so stubborn, would you still be here today?

If only there were any other words to say?

If only you didn't leave me, my heart wouldn't be half empty.

If only you knew, I'm not mad at you.

If only you knew, I am very blue.

If only, we were given some kind of warning couldn't we have prevented this?


If only we knew, there was nothing else we could do.

If only you could still pick me up and give me a little twirl.

If only you were alive, I could've been Daddy's Little Girl.


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