If only....

If only I knew I'd be left in dismay
If only I knew I would feel this way
If only I could get back what I gave away
If only I could find some comforting words to say, to stop this nightmare from haunting me every day
If only I was strong enough to just say no!
My face would shine with the same glow that it used to so Long ago
If only I knew the worth of what I had
I wouldn't think back on this and be so sad
If only I knew the worth of my innocence and stayed away from sin 
Maybe I wouldn't have ended my life before it begin 
If only I put my future first I wouldn't  have gave away something that's worth more to me than the entire universe
If only I knew the weight of my actions 
I would've thought about tomorrow's and not today's Satisfaction
 if only I could stop the tears from running like streams if only this was just a dream.
 Even though  when I wake up I still have to pay for my deeds 
Stuck In pain while my heart bleeds.
Now I just Gotta hang on tight and accept what is decreed
If only I was wise and told myself don't do this
 if only I wasn't so foolish 
If only I can find the strength to get through this
If only I would have thought before I acted 
If only I can focus and get back on track 
Even though I lost something I can never get back
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