If My Son Were Gay


If my son were gay,
I’d slap him
With a nice high five.
Because coming out to your dad,
Takes balls that most men don’t have.
If my son were gay,
I’d beat the hell out of him.
Because he said he was better than me
At Super Smash.
(He basically was asking
For me to kick his ass.)
If my son were gay,
I’d kick him out of the house.
Because why waste June on video games,
When there are sports to be played?
And just because he likes making out with boys,
Doesn’t mean he can’t tackle the shit out of them, too.
If my son were gay,
I’d call him a douche.
But only because this morning,
He ate the last peanut butter cup in the house.
(The jerk knows they’re my favorite.)
If my son were gay,
I’d still give him the talk.
I just wouldn’t have to worry about a baby in nine months.
If my son were gay,
(And happened to don women's clothing)
I’d make fun of what he wears.
Because damn, son,
Those heels don’t go with that dress.
If my son were gay,
I’d tell him to be proud.
Because you’re human no matter the gender
On the other side of your mouth.
If my son were gay,
Nothing would be different at all.
Except that twenty years down the line,
I’ll be expecting a handsome son-in-law.


Lina Kitty Lee

This is beautiful and I love it! I had to read it three times to soak it all in. It makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. 


This is absolutely beautiful.  Thanks so much for sharing it with our community.  


Dear  sickwithsyllables,
 I want to thank you so much for writing this beautifuly piece. It was so strong and, though it was an emotional roller coaster in the beginning with the fear of what might be to come, it turned out absolutely wonderful. The last line really hits home, and it brought tears to my ears. Beautiful. 

Thank you for posting this.


Shaun Poet

just beautiful ....

other words wouldn't describe the greatness and power of this peice.

_Shaun Poet

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