"If it were up to me"

If it were me i wouldve never took the bait

the red hard fruit that would lead to such a disgrace

I wouldve been happy with all that I had recieved

content with a cool breeze

and animals to name while we lay by the trees

This world we know would not be a thought

no such thing as distrought

a wrongful act one would not know

pure from head to toe

only job is to love God

and be 

If it were up to me

Cuss words would not appear

floating in our ears

each day while we ride the subway train

Reality shows would be family centered

Focusing on the real world in it

We would have no need to gossip

If it were me Companies would not exist

No need for money, or wealth 

there would be nothing to buy

Only sparkles in our eyes would shine

Diamonds would have the value of rocks

Body Image hold no weight

No one would judge based of the outer only inner make

If it were me, I wouldnt know, would I have done the same

does eve represent every woman made?

I think about this each month

when the rage starts to rush

and Iam reminded of why there is evil in the world

is this a world

or just a test

For God to see who is the best of the best

Whos really here for him

If it were up to me

We would've never left him

We'd all be living Heavenly


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