If it were up to me

its all up to me.



i am no one.


my parents say i have an identity crisis, because i beileve in equality.

equality of race

and gender.

equality where no one is treated beneath someone's shoe.

where people aren't jugded for what they look like

but for who they are, and what they do. 


i let people prove to me who they are, without my mind already made up.

stereotypes that may or maynot be true.


People restrict oppertunities

for certain races and genders

rendering some as being socially unacceptable and incapable.

if they were infact not socailly acceptable or inadequate

then why are they able to socialize

able to move, speak, and see the same.


We are the same

people are all made exactly alike,

yes we have different genes and different details

but we all have equivalent effort and the same material that go into us.


since when is anyone declared higher then anyone else

to decleare another not socially accepted.

who put you in charge to say one is lower then the rest.

what do you bring that they don't?


And no-a-days

since when is anyone not a mut


different races,


a little of everything,

making what they'll look like.

and yet we still put some down

like they're "unworrthy" .


if it was up to me

life wouldn't be so judgemental

by the color of there skin


by what's underneath there colthes.


if it was up to me

people would

be judged by what's brought to the table

and they have to offer.


If it was up to me,

It would be different.



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