"IF I'M"

Sun, 01/04/2015 - 00:01 -- DeWren

If I'm angry,could it be because im watching my people be manipulated by

lies of deception,over greed,freed from what? Hell to more hell,

If I'm full of distrust,cautious, very aware,it's how u wanted me to be,

But Rome fell.

If I'm a killa,a nigga,a theif,a felon,ignorant, madd as hell out of prison,can't vote

don't feel like a man,r more,than a man wit nothing to lose, no real opportunity,

who made me?molded me?God,that's why I'm free,unlike many.

If I'm going to try to rule the world,...I wouldn't build hate toward those i may one

day need,that would be stupidity?.Time will not stop,go back r be predicted.

If I'm thinking, like a king,it will be done by love.


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