If i were you

He can feel you
Drifting far away
But he can't see through
What you do not say
Take a step back
Don't lose your ground
Remember how you felt before
And if you care about him
Show him that you're sure

Oh! If I were you
My prized possessions
Would be the ones I'd hold so close
Because when you lose your love
You lose what means the most

Oh! If i were you
I'd hold affection
Higher than any star in sight
Take this to heart
And you'll never part
These are the things that i would do
Oh! If I were you

Simple pleasures
The hardest to be found
Can't be measured
'Till they're long gone
Maybe he'll go
Maybe he'll stay
But he'd rather go than fade away
Sometimes the sweetest sorrow
Is the saddest fate.

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