If I Were You

If I were you, I would hate me too.

 If I were you,

I would curse my very existence,

Block me out of my life.

Wish I had never met me.

I hurt you...

Worse than that, I betrayed your trust.

I... I told you I loved you...

Because I wanted to be loved,

I wanted to fill the hole in my heart.

If I were you, I would Hate me too.

I would never speak to me again.

But even if you hate me, the truth is 

You could never hate Me as much as I hate Myself.

I would let the memories of us and our frienship burn.

I would let them burn,

burn with your hatred of me.

I know better now.

Friendship is not the same as Love.

Now if only I knew that before I hurt you.




This poem is about: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the creativity and usage of word play is amazing

great storytelling 

what i read, this poem represents your inner self of understanding who you are

it's about mistakes being made where it's valuable because you learn from it

it's about being a better person

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