If I Were You

If I were the Moon

I would cry myself to sleep

Knowing my only shine

Is a reflection of me

She's just a bunch of rocks

You can only see at night

She does not even have

Her own source of light

She gets it all from me

She cannot even be seen at noon

I would cry myself to sleep

If I had to be the Moon

If I were the Sun

Having to know everyday

That if I get to close to life

I would take it all away

I would put out all my light

I would no longer be the Sun

Because being a source of light

Cannot be any fun

The pressure would be to much

I'd leave at a run

He is constantly on fire

I'm glad I'm not the Sun

Hi, I'm planet Earth

And I have two best friends

They don't like each other very much

But I'll love them till the end


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