If I Were

He tells me he's gay and watches my face. "Well?" he says.


A thousand thoughts flash through my head,

But they come down to this:

I am not his father.

   If I were, I might ask "why?"

I am not his priest or pastor.

   If I were, I might give him advice.

I am not an old girlfriend,

   If I were, I might be mad.

I am not crushing on him,

   If I were, I might be sad.

I am not his best guy-friend,

   If I were, I might be unnerved.

I am not the school bully,

   If I were, I might call him a perve.

I am not God,

   And only then could I judge,

I AM his friend,

   So I'll accept and choose to love.


"Okay," I say, with a smile and shrug.

He relaxes a little and cracks a grin, and I know I've done enough.


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