If I told you


If I told you what I really wanted 

My quickest deepest desire that my heart thrives on. 

I don't think you would really believe me. 

If I told you you're what I really wanted

The appearance of your lips thrives me on

The desire to taste and feel the pink pillows thrives me on.

It was around crack of dawn I thought of you.

I don't think you'll believe me 

If I told you that I notice every little gorgeous aspect about you. To your straight, curly, short or long brown hair.  

To the little details in the changes In your blush, to make up to no make up 

I notice..

I lose focus blinded by black cloud of train of thought. 

It's not all your fault my mind Does mind during the from time to time 

But, my heart is all pro for it, a mind and soul of its own is pro for the thought you Bonita, Mi Linda 

As you read feel the need to let go and breathe. This piece was not written upon love because 

I don't think you'll believe me 

If I told you I was ..in love at first sight 

I don't think you  would enjoy the early 5 in the morning shinning white, pink and red roses of love. 

Wait... Wait... What I do think you'd enjoy & smile to the end of your nicely curved mouth that this piece was written from the thought of all of you and not early dawned love. 

Don't be afraid of My thoughts, they run wild & free in my prisoner mind some breaks out as you can tell and get ahead of myself. 

Now you know my thoughts personally, you and I have the power to turn them into physical action by becoming one truly.

Written by - Jared M.


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