If I had the Power... I would change

Life is a mystery it takes time to see

During this time we make history but it was more that could be

Things we could have changed and some things we wished stayed the same

Something to never be spoken of and something that has to be changed

If I had the power its many that I could see changed

The one that stood out the most is personal and real

Its clear that if I could change anything I would change child abuse

Why would you treat your offspring life a stranger the one you the one you held

No matter what the love you hold for your own is suppose to go beyond any ones reach

It holds above anyone new especially those temporary

The love between a mother and her child is natural its durable

Never let anyone take that from you this is where it all begins

If I had the power I would change this one thing

Everything would be great no need as a child would go unmeet

 All will be accomplished just from that

No matter what a child do they are yours

If the love and feeling is there it will all work out

Forgiveness and strength is what is needed

This is what I wish the world had for life itself would be powerful


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