If i die today​
its ganna be a Holliday
a day full of black clouds
a day that rains cat and dogs 

People will stop there work all around the world
Some will stare at the walls ,
Manny will cry ,some act dumb
and the rest will simply be numb.

If i die today i will be breaking news
newspapers will pay extra just to know more
there will be long lines
to get a glimpse at my remains in the car
God it is ganna be hectic day for all

If i die today,they will play a sad song
tears will run down faces ,as they take me away
Than they realize i am no longer there.

Rains will turn to thunder
Clouds will explode with Anger
You turn around Silent....
All that cause i died today.

If i die today
I will be in history books
i will hold a page in genus record book
Teachers will start teaching
classrooms will learn
it's a new chapter....
And they say something about me.

And if i die today ,some ones dream will end
if i die today kings will visit my grave
IF I DIE TODAY.....Really if i die today
All this things would happen.................
I wrote this based on the look on my wives face when she gave birth to our son.
I wrote this based on my mothers Excitement when i was young,
I wrote this based on every mothera  And her Untold Silent wishes ,
she wishes for caring for her child,
i wrote this based o my wives secret wishes she makes while closing her eyes ,when our son blows his cake.
And if every mothers wish was met,
if everyone of them was granted,
we all would be someone very important with a Holliday.
Very few have been fortunately enough to have lived and experienced
a mothers wish,Those who have we now consider them holidays,
And read about the in the books.
Whats sad is we never think as highly about ourselves as our mothers do.
So i wonder how Manny of them lived to see there dreams for their child come

                                                                                                    To All mothers and there silent wishes.



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