If I could Change the World


if i could change the world i'd want everyone to be happy.

no more scars

no more tears

no more wars

no more fear.

i'd change the world to be a place where you could be who you wanted without someone telling you that you couldn't be that way

or that it's impossible for you to be that way

i'd change the world so everyone could wake up without worries

and if they still worried, then they'd have someone who'd be there to support them in their worries

someone that wouldn't berate them for worrying or for being sad, because even if the world is happy,

everyone still gets sad sometimes.

i'd change the world to be somewhere where EVERYONE is safe, where no one has to be afraid of walking home alone in the dark

i'd change the world to be a place where everyone fits in and is just okay with where they are


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