If I could change

If I could change anything,

I wouldn't even know.

If anything I could change

it'll be for people to grow.

Not physically though,

Growing as in there views

no more ignorance,

no more abuse.

Everyone, everybody, every mind

to have equal rights.

There may be a human rights law, but not every country is for it.

I know the world won't change all at once




Just for once,

I want things to start here

at home

something positive,

something good,

spreading the vibes to make people feel good.


America the brave and home of the free.

What happen to that phrase,

it has lost its meaning,

lost all use.

Why do we Americans try to make new rather than change?
New and improved,

Now that's a phrase 

that should lose its meaning

and use.


The change I want, needs the help of you.


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