If The Heart Could See When The Eyes Are Blind


Filters are something to mask us.

Flaws always cause a fuss.

We hide behind angles,

All their thoughts of us are caught in a tangle.

If we didn't cover our flaws and look fake,

Then real beauty wouldn't be viewed as a mistake.

I know I am beautiful, and so is everything I do.

And you're too.

Own who you are,

Shine bright like an everlasting star.

I am wise beyond my years,

And judgement is one of my smallest fears.

I know who I am and where I am going,

We all just need confidence of a river that never stops flowing.

Don't ever pretend to be what you're not,

If you do, you just fell into a nasty plot.

A photo can't speak the words in your head,

But you're heart knows what needs to be said.

"I am beautiful."



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