As if

Mon, 04/20/2020 - 13:24 -- Aegis



Do I remember her?

Her laugh was a reward that not every joke deserved.

but got. 

Her voice meant things would eventually work out. 

Her smile was an invitation to leave insecurity at the doorway. 

Her touch was a harmony- my pulse the tempo, my elation the song. 


Do I remember Her?

Her eyes were not pleading

They were open and inquisitive, they’d just look at you, respectfully. Patiently. 

Her words were paintings

Not abstract, and not misleading,

But beautiful and empathic, lighting every soul who was blessed to hear them. 


Do I remember Her?

Her hands were soft

Our stride was a constant rhythm, our pace slow

Her silence would speak volumes

And we would just listen, content. 

She saw me, and still, there she waited


Do I still remember Her?

Her hair? Her eyes?

Do I still see her walk toward me when there’s no light in the sky?

Do I remember Her?

Her dreams? Her ambitions?

Do I still fall asleep praying she will be her, and I’ll wake up back in that time, in that moment, me and okay?




Do I remember it?

The day I proposed it?

The hope I had harbored, though somewhat resented- it?

Do I remember Her?

As she decided on “no”?

And I saw in her voice that she wanted me to go?


Do I remember Her? This one who could see me?

Am I still sorry I gave her that ability?

Was I as in love heartbroken as I still feel today?

Then why am I waiting? Why is it here I stay?


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