Tue, 04/30/2013 - 02:10 -- Amy

If you were the glorious moon and I a dazzling star,
I would dance around your heavenly body on bands of gold and sliver just to please you.
If you were the majestic sea and I a flaxen mermaid.
I would ride your tempestuous surf longing to be safely ensconced by your crystalline shores.
If you were a song and I the melody,
I would make love to your poetic sonnets; weaving a sweet ballad to serenade young lovers
like as butterfly's kiss to a flowers blossom.
If you were a journey, I would be the endless miles that roam your exquisitely sculpted landscapes
like a gentle caress upon a lovers breast.
If you were a vacant page and I a poet,
I would script a tale of my beloved with eloquent words of admiration
proclaiming my desire for thee.
If you were a blaze of fire, and I a ravenous flame,
I would make haste in my rapture, devouring all who dare stifle my burning passion for you.
If you were my lover, and I yours,
I would cherish the very existence of your being and delight in the ecstasy of your touch
the way the man in the moon years to touch his handsome image in the mirrored waters.



So many phrases I loved...you write beautifully

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