Idols turn rivals

I take you back to my younger days
Like I put on replay your life on a tele
Its a movie every day, I sit and watch for hours but am numb to the pain
Fast forward to my teen, young boy got a dream
Man, when I watch you, I see me living live in the future,
Killing mics, rocking stages. As a part of my esteem-
for you, I respect your legacy!
Use to wonder what is life for a man like you
And I pictured my whole life through your rich eye view
In short, all of your success got me envying you
So I watched close, plotting to be a better you
I mean, I'ma raise the bars higher than you've ever did,
I'ma be a bigger star, bigger than you've ever been,
I'ma stack my money long, longer than you've did,
You've been rainning for so long, its time to go off the grid
This the endgame for you, time for the pound to be a king!

I admit I got your trades in my DNA
So that makes you like a pop to me, in a different way
I gatta make its better then you, I'm a high breed
But don't forget this is a game and we're rivaling
And I ain't joking so thing like suning me
I bet we jump on a track, you couldn't body me and if we go toe to toe, then you're surly going home lipping with a broken toe yeah!
I take your girl out on a date and she left you home alone
Aftermath I do her bad, man, she swallow to her throat,
Like we're on a race, she's a fast rider, crazy hoe!
I mean every sense of disrespect, I'm trying to let you know
The underdog on a low, is now the top dog
Heading the food chain! "Yeah I'm ahead of y'all!"
I score goals though I never kick neither ball
Your attempt is a fiasco if you want me to fall!

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