Inspiration, dedication, motivation.

The 3 things that have been encouraging me on this journey called life.

Music, baseball, and loving mother, have kept me going for 16 years.

As far as I've made it now, along with my mother too, sometimes it honestly brings me to tears

Once a kid who's always found trouble

Now a teen who's out of the struggle.

In life, a thing I've learned is that you won't always get your way

And when you don't, you can't let anything get you down. 

Just look in the mirror and smile, because you're a star

The outlook on life and what you make of it, is what dictates who you are.

Sometimes people may serve hate on platter

But it's up to you wether you make it desert or a disaster.

A boy who's never seen his father, a mother was all he knew.

But can I complain, no, she's taught me everything.

From ABC's to 123's.

She's taught to me the bigger meaning to life.

Showed me what it's like to have motivated

Inspires me more and more everyday.

So I take the good with the bad

And the happy and the sad

My goal is to bring a better future, one much better than my past.

Dedication will be key to my success.

I invest in myself constantly, trying to learn new things and be a better me, so that one day, I can be the best.

I'm not an individual to usually talk about my feelings

Nor express myself in the form of these unique lines we call poems.

But today, I break that habit.

Not only do I wanna be great

I want to see everyone around me be great.

Our limitation, is our imagination           

We just gotta dream it, believe it, and set out to achieve it.

Wake up with determination...

Sleep with satisfaction.

16 years old with a dream and goals

Now watch everything get accomplished...





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My family
My community
Our world
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